Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Happier than she has ever been!!

Hi everyone!! Wow Ive been here for a month!!!! I cannot believe it. We just said goodbye to a bunch of Hermanas last night so were the oldest ones here now, its insane. 2 weeks left!!! Anyway, this week was so amazing. The temple today was like the most spiritual experience ever, i know this gospel is true with everything in me, and this week ive just been thinking of how beyond grateful i am to have had parents raise me with this gospel and to have so many people in my life with such strong testimonies. i am the most blessed person in the world. We watched a Joseph Smith movie the other day and i do not know how someone could watch that video and not know this church is true, Joseph Smith did see God and Christ and the true gospel of Christ was restored through him, i can never deny that. I can not express my love for this gospel, it is just amazing, i am so blessed to have it in my life, and i want so badly to share it with everyone i know. The spirit this week was amazing, and i want everyone i know to serve missions, it is incredible. I feel like my teaching is getting a lot better and i have the most amazing district and teachers ever, i love them. So this week was really good. Yesterday though i was going to be an investigator and an Hermana was going to teach me and Hermana Stoddard told me we had to change into street clothes like the teachers do and i was like what are you sure and the other Elders were like yeah we have to change, so i put on jeans for the first time in a month which was weird, and when we walked back into class Hermano Cate and Hermano Abadillo looked at us like we had done something terrible and they were like what have you done!!! it was so embarrassing, but its pretty funny now, i dont know what happened to make everyone think we had to change, but im never listening to them again. Oh today for lunch we had kraft mac and cheese and horchata, i thought it was so  funny, I was thinking of you Spencer, you would have loved it hahaha :). Ive had some really hot showers this week which has been amazing, like the best thing ever, hot showers are such a luxury!!! that's something i totally took for granted before, but i definitely appreciate it now. So another really awesome week, same as always, im so grateful for this opportunity, im happier than ive ever been and loving everyday, this work is incredible and God is helping me every day!!! Love you guys, youre the best!!! talk to you next week :)
Hermana Sorenson

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