Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Half way done with the MTC

Hi everyone!! Wow Im half way done with the MTC, thats insane, i cant believe it. Im so happy and its going by so fast, I never thought it would go this fast especially in the beginning, i feel like P day is every other day. Any way, this week was amazing, i dont have my journal on me but ill try to remember all that happened. My companion is having the hardest time with the language, i have never been very good with dealing with crying people but I guess im going to learn here for sure. She loves to talk to the Latinas and i have to be her translator, but she does not keep it simple spanish, and its pretty hard, but funny. I cant spell in english now, and words like after and before and phrases in prayer i think of in spanish now. Its crazy. We taught a real less active this week, she was so sweet and i think our lesson went really well, i felt the spirit a lot during it so i hope she did. I feel like my teaching is getting a lot better, i dont need notes and stuff during our lessons anymore so thats good. We just got back from the temple which was amazing, its so tiny but really beautiful, i love it there. Oh yeah i didnt get giardia from the Wendys last week, so thats good, no one got sick this time. And we drive to Santa Ana from Guatemala so i dont have to worry about the weight of my bags. We watched seventeen miracles last night, which was so awesome, i love that movie, the Lord blesses us so much when we are obedient. Our district talked about our favorite parts of the movie and also our favorite thing and worst thing about the MTC, theyre all so amazing, i love them all, they are all so funny but so spiritual and last night everyone was saying how much they loved everyone of us and how grateful they are for us, theyre so sweet. umm i cant think of anything else that happened this week, but it was super good, i love it here, its so amazing the spirit thats here and our teachers are the best ever. I just want to tell everyone even considering a mission that is is so amazing, we will never choose a better path for ourselves than what God has chosen for us, it may seem impossible and sometimes like the worst thing ever, but once we decide to follow His plan, it all works out. Its the most amazing blessing to serve a mission, not at all a burden, i love it and i am so beyond happy to represent my savior, its the greatest blessing ever!!!
Love you guys!!!!
Hermana Sorenson 

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