Monday, July 13, 2015

Guatemala MTC

Wow, this is already going by soooo fast, its amazing, i love it. I
understand now how its the hardest thing ever but the best, learning a
new language is so hard, but ive learned so much, i understand
everything my teachers say, not the latinos yet, but its gettting so
much better. Our lessons with the investigators are getting so much
better, i dont have to read anything and i can just say it from memory
its awesome, my companion is having a really hard time with the
language so i do most of the talking, but shes getting a lot better. I
also bore my testimony in spanish this fast sunday, its pretty cool.
Also we have a lot of stuff to memorize in spanish and it takes a long
time, i had the missionary purpose and baptismal invitation down, but
not the 1st vision at all. yesterday i was studying it and i prayed
for help and stuff and i felt that i should pray to memorize the whole
thing in one sitting, but i was like no thats crazy so i didnt, but in
the half hour i memorized the whole thing, and i said it in classs and
i was the only one who had it, it taught me i need to have more faith,
we really can do anything with Gods help. My teachers are awesome,
hermano abadillo is amazing, he served in Houston Texas and he told a
story about these two guys beating them up and yelling at them to
qoute all these scriptures they didnt know and they were threatening
to kill them unless they denied the church, and he felt the spirit so
strong and told them he feared no man only God and he would not deny
that, and the guy looked at him and said he respected that and they
left them alone. he also had a missionary in his area that would knock
doors and when the person opened the door he would say i know your
husband died and you are all alone but you can be with him again, he
just knew exactly what they needed its crazy. Hermano abadillo is
leaving for arizona soon to propose to this girl, shes from his
mission and shes been home for 2 days, its crazy. We went into the
city today and we visited the cathedral and the market, the market had
a ton of cute stuff, tons of awesome leather bags, i got one for like
20 bucks, they had a bunch of cute stuff. we also contacted people in
the plaza and me and my companion handed out both our book of mormons,
it was really cool. we ate at wendys for lunch and the last time they
ate they all got parasites but they think it was not washing their
hands so hopefully i dont get sick but we'll see. This really is great, im
liking it more and more each day and im so excited to teach people its
awesome. love you all, talk to you next week!!

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