Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Week one

wow, this is crazy! im a missionary!! this experience has already been amazing , ive learned so much its insane. the first day was probably the worst day of my life, there was pretty much no english , i missed everyone like crazy, we had to be ready to give a talk in spanish on sunday and teach an investigator in spanish on the second day. i was so overwhelmed, i prayed so hard the first few days, i really did not think i could do this, and i was praying about it the whole day, then 1 Nephi3:7 kept coming up, in my scripture study, in grandmas letter to me, and again and again, and i didnt realize until sunday that it was an answer to my prayers big time. i know God didnt command me to serve a mission to fail, i can do this!! and since i realized that ive been so happy and trusted in the Lord. The first few days i was a nervous wreck, but im so calm and happy now. i can feel the spirit again and its amazing, you learn so much through the spirit. im so excited to serve a mission. we went to the temple our 2nd day which was really cool,it is tiny but beautiful. and sundays are so great! everything but sacrament is in english and the president gives a ton of devotionals, hes amazing and so is his wife. hes all about getting fired up and he really does get you pumped hahaha. Hes a cotton farmer. he is also obsessed with working out, we workout for an hour together everyday and its amazing what he can do!! they are awesome i love them. My companion is Hermana Stoddard, she got here like our 3rd day, she had the wrong time for her first flight and she got another flight but on the plane they couldnt land because a storm so they were circling in the air and ran out of gas and had to flight to tenessee to fill up and so she missed her next flight and was stranded in atlanta, it was crazy, but shes really great its like weve known each other for forever. all the people in my district are awesome, the hermanas are so sweet and the elders are hilarious but really spiritual. Elder espinosa reminds me of the zebra from madagascar like exactly and he said he actually gets that a lot hahaha. the sisters that have been here for four weeks like are amazing at spanish so it wont take long to learn it seems. ive probably learned more spanish this week than the 3 years in high school. The MTC is great but we cant take pictures, some elders were taking pictures of stupid stuff so we cant have cameras, but theyve taken some pictures of us that i think i can send next week. It rained once this week with thunder for alittle while, and it started to flood our classroom so it was raining a ton,it was crazy,also the showers are cold... so im learning to shower quickly hahaha. i heard santa ana isnt that hot, so thats good. guatemalais beautiful, we havent been outside much but what i have seen its so pretty and green. The food is good theres a lot of stuff im familiar with, weve had steak and potatoes a lot which was so good, and these amazing calzones, and only a little bit of different stuff but its still good. I miss you guys tons but im doing super well, and i feel like its such a blessing to serve a mission and not a burden anymore

love you,
Hermana Sorenson
ps. sorry its hard to read im trying to write really fast and i dont understand this keyboard

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