Monday, August 31, 2015

It will never be hot enough to want a cold shower

Hi Family!!!
I think Ive had a turning point and Im really happy and enjoying this. I had to go to San Salvador for immigration this week with all the new missionaries and I got to talk to one of my roomates from the MTC, in english thank goodness, and shes really having a hard time, one of the elders from the MTC with me went home and another girl I think, so a lot of people are really struggling, its crazy. But this week was so great. We got to go to the temple again for President Russell M Nelson and I got to shake his hand and his talk was amazing, there were 600 missionaries there. It was super awesome, we woke up at 3 to go, so it was a really long day hahaha but really good. Edenilson was baptized this week and confirmed which was awesome, Ill send pi8cs, he looks super mad...but I think thats a Latino thing, but he is really happy, and his sister wants to come to church now too. Not this week but next week we should have 2 more baptisms so Im super excited. Our zone leader is really mad at us for not having more baptisms so we fasted this weekend and the food was no big deal, but oh my gosh no water I was about to die, it was crazy, so next time i have to chug like a gallon before we start. We had 2 hermanas sleep at our house the night before the conference with Pres. Nelson because they live far away, and one went to take a shower and she just started screaming and we were like what what... appearently not all the showers are as cold as ours, they have hot showers, so that gives me some hope hahaha, it will never be hot enough for me to want a cold shower. The other day i was talking to some Hermana in the apartment and all the sudden I feel something crawl down my leg and a gaint roach falls out, i have no idea how it was in there and how I didnt feel it but it was so nasty, it must have been on my chair or something. Weve seen a bunch of terranchulas here, its so nasty, theyre like the size of my palm. but theyre never in the house so thats good. The dogs here look so gnarly, almost all only walk on 3 legs and they are so skinny its so gross. Sorry this is just random thoughts I have, it probably doesnt make sense, but anyway, this week has been really good and Im really happy, the church is true, i love it, everyday I think about how blessed i was to have been born into this gospel, its incredible. I am so grateful to be a missionary, its such a blessing, so so hard, but incredible. I love you all, You are all the best!!!!!!!

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