Monday, May 2, 2016

"It's true I know it!!!!"

sorry i dont have time to write something last week, that was terrible. But the last week was super awesome. On my birthday we had a zone meeting and we got there late and they were calling us and i was like oh crap were in trouble, but when we came in everyone was there and they started singing happy birthday and they had little cakes with happy birthday candles, it was super sweet. Then our district went out to lunch and we had pizza, the elder i was with in Texis was moved to my district so he told me all about texis so that was fun. Then we worked a normal day, and had a noche de hermanamiento at the church, and they sang to me again, then my comp brought me to Marios house and the elders were there and they threw me a little surprise party with cake and coke and it was super fun. i was super happy, it was an awesome birthday. And this week was super awesome, loved skyping the family yesterday!  during our fast we had a ton of miracles. We left with a member and hes like hey theres some inactives here, and i thought crap were only visiting members we need investigators but i was like yeah ok thats fine. And this guy answers the door and hes like hey how are you come in come in super nice. He tells us he always loved talking to the missionaries and he was all ready to be baptized but all the sudden the sisters stopped coming, but still had contact with the sisters who left on facebook. hes reading the book of mormon and everything. We invited him  to be baptized the 28th of may and he was like YES! it blew my mind. Fasting is so powerful, it makes me so sad because the members here are always eating in church on fast sunday, but it is so important!! It is so worth it to sacrifice our natural desires for a time and focus only on the spiritual. Gods more important than food right? if we cant make that sacrifice...thats not super good. I have a huge testimont of fasting, it brings miracles. So grateful for you all and for this gospel, its true i know it!!!
 Something funny about El Salvador, these people can carry ANYTHING. Just put it on your head or your shoulder and they walk miles with enormous things, like armoires, barrels, tables, literally anything!!

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